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Low-Maintenance vs. No-Maintenance

So you're looking into composite decking, and have read terms like "low-maintenance", or "maintenance free". But what exactly does that mean?

First off, there is no such thing as a no-maintenance or maintenance free deck material. Whatever material your deck is built from, it's still outside in the elements exposed to dirt, dust, leaves, pollen, birds... you get the idea. If you have a Trex® composite deck, you could potentially never do a thing to it ever, and it will still last 50+ years. But after a period of time it's going to look dull and dirty.

Most people don't think of the paint on their car to require maintenance, and for the most part that's correct, but we all still hit the car wash or get a bucket of soap and water out now and then right? You will want to do the same thing with your composite deck.

Low Maintenance Trex DeckingThe Trex® composite deck is "low-maintenance", in that all it really requires is a gentle wash when it gets dirty. A garden hose with some soap and water and a soft bristle broom works wonders. If you have some more stubborn dirt, pollen, or bird spots, you could even use a low-pressure power washer. When finished give everything a good final rinse and your Trex® deck will look like new again.

What you won't have to do every year with a Trex® deck is strip, sand, stain and seal. You won't have to replace twisted or warped boards. You won't be stuck with food stains that you can't get out. And most importantly you won't have to give up an entire weekend (or pay someone else) every year to get the longest life out of your deck.